Retro Bits: Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!

(Published on January 18th 2016)

There is a hidden 4th circuit in the game. By using code 135 792 4680, holding the SELECT button, and pressing A and B together at the same time, you can unlock “Another World Circuit.” In said circuit the order in which you fight your opponents has changed, and once you lose, the game is over.

Soda Popinski had a different name in the arcade version. Originally called Vodka Drunkenski, Nintendo decided to change and gear his name towards their younger audience. His catch phrases between rounds remained the same however.

By entering Nintendo’s customer service number (800 422 2602) as a password, you will set off a busy signal. This goes along with Doc Louis shamelessly promoting Nintendo Power Magazine between rounds in the game.

Tyson was only paid $50,000 for his use in the game. He was contacted by Nintendo early in his career, before he was a champion fighter. Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa had attended a Mike Tyson bout, in which he was so impressed by Kid Dynamite, he chose to offer him a contract for his name and likeness.

In order to get the timing right to knock Bald Bull down while he’s charging, look for the camera flash in the crowd.