Retro Bits: Tecmo Super Bowl

(Published on September 5th 2016)

Tecmo Super Bowl had eleven players on each side, which is regulation. Tecmo Bowl only had nine on each side.

Three quarterbacks were not part of the NFL Players Association during the production of the game, so their names were omitted. However, they are included in the game under generic names. Randall Cunningham is listed as QB Eagles, Jim Kelly as QB Bills and Bernie Kosar as QB Browns. Even though they have generic names, the game designers used their real-life stats and abilities.

On a similar note, Eric Dickerson was in Tecmo Bowl, however, he had an issue with the NFL Players’ Association about not receiving enough money for his likeness in the game. As a result, he was left out of Tecmo Super Bowl. Unlike the three quarterbacks, he was left out entirely, and not given a generic name.

Many believe that there was a programming error in assigning stats for defensive back Lonnie Young, reversing his abilities. As a result, he’s actually the fastest player in the game.

During the game intro prior to the title screen, press down seven times on controller one. After doing this, you can hold select and press A to pause the game or hold B to slow the game down.

Hold B and press left on the title screen to get to Sound Mode.

Originally released in 1991, this year marks the game’s 25th anniversary and it’s still one of the most popular sports games of all time. Players have hacked the Tecmo Super Bowl ROM and release a new version yearly with all 32 modern teams and players. Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments are held all over the country.